From 1995 to the present, HYDROCOR has set itself the goal of successfully addressing an expanding range of environmental challenges in the waste industry.

We cared about the environment before it became mainstream.



Gidrokor Construction Company Ldt. was issued a patent for an invention dated April 25, 2018. on Floating pontoon cover of maps to prevent accidental spill of liquid toxic waste (closed waste landfill, Leningrad region).


Gidrokor Construction Company Ldt. acted as the organizer and investor in the development of the first national standard for waterproof geosynthetics - GOST R 56586-2015 “WATERPROOF POLYETHYLENE ROLL GEOMEMBRANES. Specifications»


GIDROKOR, together with SPbPU and the journal "Hydrotechnica", held in St. Petersburg the First International Conference "Geosynthetic Materials in Industrial Construction", which was attended by 64 specialists, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of geosynthetic materials from Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Canada.

By the Resolution of the Conference, a decision was made on the collective development of national documents, in fact, on geomembranes and on the production of work with this technology.


Specialists engaged in welding production and welding technology on building structures made of rolled polymers of the company are being certified by the National Agency for Control and Welding (NAKS) - to the present.


Gidrokor Construction Company Ldt. was separated from the former organization Gidrokor LLC into a new independent structural unit based on the existing material, technical and personnel base. The scope of the new company and the path of development are the creation of modern waste management facilities, reliable isolation of environmental pollution sources and effective protection of structures and structures from natural and man-made water, the development of modern construction technologies.

2006 (- 2009)

Winning major international tenders for participation in the SAKHALIN-2 project (customer-investor Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.), and then the successful implementation of design and construction tasks, brought the company's activities to a new level. The second and third stages of modernized landfills that meet modern environmental and regulatory requirements of environmental legislation were put into operation (in Korsakov - in 2007, Smirnykhovsky - in 2008, in Nogliki - in 2009).


A seminar on the use of geosynthetics for the installation of insulating structures in the design and construction of structures of great environmental importance was organized and successfully held on our own.

2001 (- 2015)

GIDROKOR becomes the only authorized representative in Russia and the CIS - geomembrane installer of the Canadian plant SOLMAX International Inc.

GIDROKOR takes an active part in international exhibitions on waste management, industrial ecology, and mining. The company is a regular participant in the largest environmental events: Waste Tech (Moscow), Ecology of the Big City (St. Petersburg).

When constructing an impervious screen in the pond bed of the closed water supply system of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant, for the first time, the company used a geomembrane from one of the world's leading manufacturers of this type of material - the Canadian plant SOLMAX International Inc. And since then, GIDROKOR is the only authorized representative in Russia and the CIS - the installer of the SOLMAX geomembrane.


For the first time in Russia, civil facilities with the use of polyethylene geomembranes (underground parking waterproofing device): St. Petersburg "House on the Neva", St. Petersburg nab. Robespierre and the Tsarev Sad MFC on Sofiyskaya Embankment in Moscow.


GIDROKOR together with VNIIG im. B.E. Vedeneev and the Academy of Public Utilities named after K.D. Pamfilova develops "Recommendations for the design and construction of impervious screens using a polymer geomembrane", which was the only document of this kind in Russia for 20 years.

Specifications were also developed for this type of completely new product for Russia, all working documents - flow charts, operational charts for welding quality control, PPR, etc.

of the impervious screen of the settling pond of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum smelter during the reconstruction of the drainless water supply system, the Krasnoyarsk aluminum smelter is the first industrial facility for the company using geosynthetics.


GIDROKOR was the first and the first in the Russian market to introduce waterproofing geosynthetic materials, in particular, polymer geomembranes made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) into the design and construction of environmental facilities - at industrial and domestic waste landfills, as well as in tailings, sludge collectors, ash dumps, industrial pools, heap leaching sites.

In the same year, the first team was trained and certified at the production facility of NSC (USA), with permission to work independently as geomembrane installers.

It was from this moment that the strategic goal of the company was formed - to become the No. 1 company in Russia - a professional installer of geomembranes, a leader in the construction of impervious screens and waterproofing systems using geosynthetic materials. To date, the total area of ​​the installed geomembrane by GIDROKOR specialists is slightly less than 20 million sq.m.


The design and construction company GIDROKOR was created on the basis of the laboratory of water protection means of the St. Petersburg branch of the Research Institute of the Academy of Public Utilities. K.D. Panfilov.

From 1995 to the present, HYDROCOR has set itself the goal of successfully addressing an expanding range of environmental challenges in the waste industry.

We cared about the environment before it became mainstream.