The GIDROKOR brand has been on the construction market since 1995. The priority direction was the use of advanced waterproofing technologies in civil and industrial construction.

Gidrokor Construction Company Ldt. is an independent structural unit, separated at the end of 2008 on the basis of the existing material, technical and personnel base from the former organization.

At one time, GIDROKOR specialists, introducing modern polyethylene geomembranes into the practice of Russian construction, naturally appealed only to international standards and on the quality of materials, and on the design of structures from them. Specifications were developed for this type of completely new product for Russia, all working documents - flow charts, operational charts for welding quality control, PPR, etc.

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Arrangement of the impervious screen of the sedimentation pond during the reconstruction of the endorheic water supply system of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant


Arrangement of the impervious screen of the first map of the National Complex for the Burial of Toxic Wastes in the Republic of Azerbaijan


Design and modernization of three solid waste landfills on Sakhalin Island (within the framework of the SAKHALIN-2 project)


Works on the inspection and restoration of the impervious screen in the protective embankment of the crude oil storage tanks of the De-Kastri port terminal (for the purpose of the Sakhalin-1 Project implementation)


Floating pontoon cover of maps to prevent accidental spills of liquid toxic waste (closed waste landfill, Leningrad region)


Design and construction of the first Ecotechnopark in the Arctic