General design

Design and survey work:

  • for the creation, reconstruction, modernization of objects of accumulation and storage, disposal, neutralization and disposal of household and industrial solid and liquid waste of various hazard classes;
  • for the purpose of reclamation / restoration of lands disturbed by landfills.

Development of technical documentation for waste management.

Design work

  • Geotechnical justification of construction works, geotechnical support of zero-cycle works during construction, geotechnical monitoring of surrounding buildings in the course of work
  • Geodetic monitoring of structural deformations of objects falling into the construction zone
  • Inspection of the technical condition of foundation soils and building structures of buildings and structures
  • Development of PD and RD sections “Foundations. Pile fields. Grillage", projects of the zero cycle, sections of the KZH / KM of the zero cycle and above-ground structures, projects for lowering basements, strengthening foundation structures and above-ground structures
  • Excavation projects (technological sheet piling, "wall in the ground")
  • Projects of engineering protection of territories, drainage systems, waterproofing devices